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About Us

K.M.S in motion e-fashion store is an e-commerce business type stablished in 2022 in Waltham MA, we prioritize every one's expression and definition through fashion and design ranging from Apparel and Accessories .
This is an e-commerce platform with  a number of suppliers in U.S.A and  Abroad ready to fulfil orders. 
 Custom designing services offered include 
✓Printing and Engraving on : Ceremics, metals, acrylics, wood/plywood, Stones, leather, aluminum as well as printing sticker for cups,cars, phone overs, ipad and loptops.
Stickers be made and shipped to as per your orders.
We are looking forward to meeting your demands through our continuous updating supplies on our e-commerce platform.
M. Ssaka Katende,
Founder of K.M.S in motion e-store.

K.M.S inmotion e- Fashion store