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How to boost your confidence 🤝

You got to be your number one fun.Sometimes, there are stereotypes  relating tto people's sizes, races ,work or even age.

Don't allow people to put you in a box and define you in way you don't want.

There are many ways you can define yourself.

Through;fashions, academics, work,economics et cetera.

However,amidst celebrations,haters don't settle.They always find ways of putting down on their levels or below their level through;defamation, psychological manipulation/torture.

After all that,never give in or give up on your yourself or your dreams since as always dogs bark to strangers.It is because you are getting out of their expected league and now they are getting afraid of all they did or said to you or about you.Stay on focus as the saying goes "He/she laughs best who laughs last. Let them laugh today then tomorrow and forever you be laughing if you don't faint in those trying times. 

Boost your confidence by working on yourself.This is through fashion, acquiring more skills(healthy,financial management, business ideas)and being a study of life not a follower.

Learn from your experiences and other people's experiences by analyzing what went wrong and what went right.There after,find what you can do to better to improve or what you can stop doing to doing to improve 

Find out which fashion fits you well and feeds your mind with confidence.Always remember, what looks good on you may not be necessarily the same to one person.One may not like,another will like you whole heartedly.

Don't spend much time with toxic people if you want to improve yourself or boost your confidence. 


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